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Ya Never Know

  • Jumping out of an airplane.
  • Swimming with sharks.
  • Eating 2-day old sushi.


All risky. Spending 20-30 minutes having a cup of coffee or a scheduled telephone call with a potential networking contact? Not risky at all.

If that’s the case then why is it that so many people go to networking meetings and events and do absolutely nothing afterwards.

Really. Nothing. At. All.

Did they possibly think that some huge piece of business was going to be consummated right then and there at the conference table? That someone was going to walk up to them at the networking event and introduce them to their best clients?

Of course not. Networking takes patience, time and follow-up and follow through. Doing anything else means that nothing at all will happen.  NOTHING!

And so what’s the risk? You don’t have the time you say. Well then you possibly don’t have the time to network either.

You don’t think that the person is “worthy?’ Really. Do you know with whom they work, whom they are married to, related to, network with? Probably not.

The old saying ya never know really resonates here.

So go ahead and make that appointment. Cuz ya never know. It’s not that risky after all.

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