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5 Top Tips to STAY VISIBLE and Sell More

Wanna stay visible and not spend a boatload of money? Here’s how:

1. Content is king but not BS content or boring content or content that always brags about “you.” Content that educates, informs and engages all of the senses works best.

2. Pick up the freakin’ phone and make a call! Not a text, not an email but a call and reach out and touch someone (thank you AT&T); better yet, touch 10 people per day. Yes, you DO have the time.

3. Be a “buzz-maker” and run a kick-as* Zoom event and have people “gather” to talk, drink, eat and share.

4. Become the SME expert that everyone wants to know. Dive deep into your area of expertise and become known as the “go-to” person for your skill.

5. Be generous with your time and offer pro bono work, schedule big-value, no-fee programs and build a fan base through your goodness.

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