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Want to Improve Your Sales Results?

Wanna improve your sales results? Sure you do. Then please tell prospects how your product or service will improve their business or personal life.

Selling “features” has always been a slippery slope, not just in these Pandemic times, but since anyone began selling anything.

So, do this. Use transition statements to show your prospects just what improvements they can expect from your product or service.

It goes like this:

“And so my ……..has this, contains that, includes feature, feature, feature”

Transition statement:

Providing you with BENEFIT
Ensuring you of BENEFIT
What that means to you is BENEFIT
Therefore you’ll be able to BENEFIT

Dazzle them with the benefits: what does this do for them. Simply speaking, your
product or service must provide a benefit of some sort or why the heck would they want it?


And keep it simple. No matter how complex your product or service may be, make certain to nail the benefit in no uncertain terms. And the reason you can do this so exquisitely is because you asked insightful questions to uncover the prospect’s wants and needs.

(That’s a story for another day!)


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