Business Growth Architecture

Adrian Miller Sales Training provides you with the cutting-edge consulting your business must have to survive, compete, excel and achieve. Adrian’s solutions are developed from your unique business variables: where you are, how you got there, and where you want to be tomorrow. Her strategic advice is practical, measurable, cost-effective, and focused on the growth of your business.

Needs Assessments

“My extensive sales consulting experience teaches me this: the goal of every business is to achieve greater sales and profits. That’s the goal – always! However, the strategy to get there varies widely. That’s where the Needs Assessment comes in. AMST asks the tough questions that must be asked, and then carefully analyzes every aspect of your business: its strengths, weaknesses, potential, and obstacles. These answers provide the raw ingredients of your unique strategic path: the one that leads your unique business to greater sales and profits. Because that’s what sales is all about!”

Sales and Service Strategy

“Too often, sales and service strategy isn’t strategic. It’s theoretical, abstract, or typically, guidelines that point in the right direction. None of this is strategy! To fully exploit your sales potential and powerfully outperform your competition, AMST delivers actual hands-on “point A to point B” strategic solutions that take your sales/service function to the next level. I invest quality time to fully understand and analyze your unique variables and vision, and use this information to help you find new direction, new markets, new brands, and new delivery channels.

Outsourced Sales Management

“Your small/mid-sized business deserves world-class sales management.   The problem, however, has always been affordability.  High level sales management was and is too costly to justify the salary and position.  That was the past; consider this problem solved!  AMST works on-site with your sales force on a weekly or monthly basis, and deliver the management that a business owner simply cannot provide.  My in-depth expertise goes to the actual granular, practical, day-to-day world that your sales reps face.  And while I’m improving your sales reps, you as a business owner can return your focus to where it belongs, and where you want it to be: the bigger picture of running the business.”

Development of a Touch Point Management Plan

“Sales is like gardening. In order for your prospects and referral sources to bloom, you must nurture them carefully. Staying on the grid during a lengthy sales cycle and / or staying visible to all of your referral sources requires a well-developed touch point management plan. AMST creates touch point programs so that they are truly in sync with your marketing and sales efforts thereby enabling you to recognize the maximum return on your sales and marketing investments.

Recruitment of High-Performance Sales/Service Professionals

“Knowing that you need the right people isn’t hard.  Finding them is hard – and essential to profit and success.  After carefully understanding your unique business needs, goals and long-term vision, AMST customizes highly effective – and targeted — recruitment ad copy, recommends recruitment sources, conducts initial telephone screening to shortlist only the very best candidates, and then delivers quality rationales for final selection(s).”

Development of Sales Support Tools

“Sales and marketing must be tightly integrated. When they’re in sync, they support each other and drive revenue and growth…and vice versa. For example, excellent marketing without highly coordinated sales follow-up will not yield the same ROI as a highly controlled and aligned program. AMST creates marketing initiatives so that they are truly in sync with your sales efforts. Your highly skilled sales reps will always perform better with the right sales support materials.”

Compensation Plans

“The right compensation plan will do more than retain the talent you need to succeed.  It will also continuously motivate sales/service reps to achieve more — without undermining the overall profitability of the firm.  AMST customizes compensation plans that make perfect sense to you and your sales/service personnel…so that you support each other’s success now and into the long-term.”

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