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Let’s Hear It For Routines

Let’s hear it for routines. I tend to get up each morning at the same time as I did pre-Q, read the paper, have my first cup of coffee, down that lemon water, shower and and get dressed. It’s all pretty quick and I do it early. Then I get down to business. Here’s my […]

Thank Goodness That Client Relationship Is Over

Sometimes you are simply glad and relieved that a client relationship is over. The reasons are many but a few of the more prevalent are: They nickel and dimed you to death They beat you up over every single decision They changed direction on a daily basis They paid late They were unpleasant to work […]

WOW Your Client or Else

Isn’t this the truth? We spend inordinate amounts of time prospecting and trying to win new clients yet significantly less time nurturing and WOWING these same clients in order to retain and grow their business. It’s an endless cycle for many businesses. You prospect like crazy and win some new business and then before too […]

A Salesperson’s Lament: Will You Love Me In The Morning?

We’ve all had those sales presentations where everything went right. You captivated the audience with your words, and they nodded in agreement. You left the room feeling like a rock star, confident that you’d soon have a sale. Then, the romance quickly ended when you tried to close the deal. They fell off your grid, […]

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Love the One You’re With

Many businesses work so very hard to bring in a constant flow of new customers that they forget about their current customers. I don’t mean the top 5 or 10% from which we all derive a large percentage of our revenue. I’m talking about the lower and middle rung accounts for whom we do some […]

You’ve Had Lunch, Now What?

Did you meet an interesting individual at the last networking lunch? Or, maybe you were recently introduced to someone at a neighbor’s party who could very well be a viable prospect. In these networking-focused times, you’re probably introduced to lots of people at a variety of formal networking events, informal get-togethers, and through online sources. […]

Love to Love You Baby

Donna Summer sure could show us the love couldn’t she? If you don’t believe me then have a listen! And in relationships, business included, showing the love is what it is all about. For instance: Make some fantastic introductions for folks in your network. The special part about these introductions is that they are proactive […]

Ya Never Know

Jumping out of an airplane. Swimming with sharks. Eating 2-day old sushi.   All risky. Spending 20-30 minutes having a cup of coffee or a scheduled telephone call with a potential networking contact? Not risky at all. If that’s the case then why is it that so many people go to networking meetings and events […]

What’s Love Got to Do With It?

Gotta love that song, right? http://youtu.be/TCBttS_y7lE I know that I do and sometimes I find myself humming it in the strangest of circumstances: My networking contact continually offers proclamations of “love” yet there is never an introduction sent my way. My client gets downright “gushy” about how much they “love” me yet they find it […]

Sales Calls on 12/27? You Betcha!

So we’re winding down the year and in just a few days it will be the New Year. Lots of folks are already on vacation, if not physically, then mentally and I guess that’s a good thing. I’ve been taking it a bit easy as well but one thing I haven’t done is slack off […]

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