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Let’s Hear It For Routines

Let’s hear it for routines. I tend to get up each morning at the same time as I did pre-Q, read the paper, have my first cup of coffee, down that lemon water, shower and and get dressed. It’s all pretty quick and I do it early. Then I get down to business.

Here’s my Covid era sales routine and so far, so good. I have gotten a new client or two and have submitted proposals too. So far, so good.

Select 5-10 people each day and call them. These can be clients, prospects, dormant accounts, referral sources, networking contacts or business friends.

Ask them how they are doing. Everyone is having a tough time but for some folks, it may be even more difficult.

Learn about what they’re doing as far as business goes but this is also the time to bond over home schooling, home cooking or any other Covid – induced synergies.

Educate them on what’s happening in your life in an informal manner and not packed with hard sell overtures.

Share a tip, an introduction, invitation or piece of information that will add value to their business or personal lives. That’s sales (first letter in each key point) these days for Adrian. You????

Check out if we can be of assistance. Good luck and stay healthy!

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