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Ya Never Know? Yeah, You Do!

Ya never know. Yeah, you do.

I used to really believe this cliché with all my heart and I have become a bit more jaded over the years because now, I believe that you DO know, or at least SHOULD know.

You should know because you do the work, put in the effort, get things going.

It’s not passively planting a seed with a prospect and then well, ya never know if it will grow. It has a much better chance of doing so if you nurture it, water it, fertilize it and freakin’ take care of it so it doesn’t die.

Will 100% of the nurtured prospects become clients? Heck no. But I’ve discovered that a lot of the “ya never know” people are somewhat lax in their follow-up and follow-through and hence yes, they should know….they should know that pretty much nothing is going to come from their lackluster efforts.

Sound harsh? If so, I’m sorry but when this Covid is over, business prospecting and business development will have to resume in earnest and so you have to know, must know, your touchpoint plan to woo, win and wow. Ya never know is not a sustainable strategy!

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