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Let’s Hear It For Routines

Let’s hear it for routines. I tend to get up each morning at the same time as I did pre-Q, read the paper, have my first cup of coffee, down that lemon water, shower and and get dressed. It’s all pretty quick and I do it early. Then I get down to business. Here’s my […]

You Get All Of Your Business From Referrals? Awesome.

All from referrals? Wow, that’s really awesome. It’s a great thing. Still, let me throw out the following for your consideration: Could you do even better if you engaged in just a wee bit of marketing or lead generation? (You don’t need to do better? Ok, I hear you. That’s impressive.) Would you like to […]

20 Things You Can Do To Build Business NOW

1. Reach out to 5 dormant accounts 2. Make 5 prospecting calls each week 3. Become more active on social media 4. Ramp up your networking 5. Create an ebooklet and use it as a lead magnet 6. Do content marketing 7. Develop a group of networking power partners 8. Cross sell your existing clients […]

Need to Grow Your Business? You Need a CPA but You Need Marketing and Sales MORE!

Yesterday I was having a conversation with a business acquaintance. They told me that they wanted to grow their business revenue significantly within the next 18 mos and in order to make this happen they hired a new CPA firm. I asked them about their upcoming marketing and sales plans to support their desired growth […]

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5000 Ways to Build Your Business

Okay, that was a come on. I’m not going to give you 5,000 ways to build your business, not really. But if you do the math 5,000 ways equates to approximately 13 action items per day. Yep, weekends too, unless of course you decide to execute more on some of your work days and then, […]

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