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Below, you’ll find some sales related articles that cut to the heart of pressing, urgent, and costly problems that affect real businesses – like yours. These are all available free, and you’re welcome to share them with your staff, colleagues, and contacts.

Sales Training: Getting to the Stanley Cup of Sales

Okay, the Stanley Cup has been won. Can’t say that I was all that much interested in the Blackhawks or the Bruins but it is always exciting, well, I guess it is if you’re a hockey fan. So the hockey season is finally over. The players are back home playing golf, hanging out with their […]

Telephone Sales Training-Necessary or Not?

Lately I’ve been meeting with some prospective clients that have inside sales departments tasked with generating appointments for the field sales reps.  They’ve been given a call guide (of sorts) and some rudimentary how-to’s but there has really been little else. The field sales reps on the other hand have taken classes, been sent to […]

I AM NOT a Dreary Person!

Dreary. That’s a sad word, isn’t it? I am not a dreary person so why should my bio be dreary. I’ve been told that it is…or should I say, was! Nope, I’m not a dreary person.  Now I must admit that isn’t a totally rousing compliment but heck, let me take it for what it’s […]

I Am Waiting (for Sales)

Remember this song from the Rolling Stones: I am waiting, I am waiting, oh yeah, oh yeah I am waiting, I am waiting, oh yeah, oh yeah Waiting for someone to come out of somewhere Waiting for someone to come out of somewhere You can’t hold out, you can’t hold out, oh yeah, oh yeah […]

Networking? Ya Never Know!

While I am an eternal optimist and have often (always?!) subscribed to the theory of “ya never know” I am slowly changing my tune. Ya never know? Mmmm, sometimes you do or at least you have a 95% confidence rate. I’m referring to networking and the age-old question that many of us often ask ourselves, […]


Looking for a new client; looking for a job. There are some huge similarities. Here’s an insightful post by Nick Merkelson and full disclaimer, Nick is my son. I’ve been told it’s always easier to find a job when you already have one.  Something about the steady paycheck and showing a commitment to your employer […]

Foxy Lady While Jimi Hendrix did just fine with Foxy Lady hearing such “terms of endearment” at networking events, trade shows and the like can be, well, a bit unsettling. Let’s keep all talk about women’s liberation, female empowerment, and “Lean In” out of it.  Let’s stay on the topic of professionalism. Women have long been […]

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