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I AM NOT a Dreary Person!

Dreary. That’s a sad word, isn’t it?

I am not a dreary person so why should my bio be dreary. I’ve been told that it is…or should I say, was!

Nope, I’m not a dreary person.  Now I must admit that isn’t a totally rousing compliment but heck, let me take it for what it’s worth; the opposite of dreary is uplifting, stimulating. That’s more like it.

And you know what…most of us aren’t dreary people either.

We come fully loaded with personalities and style, energy and enthusiasm, so why is it that our bios, and often our presentations too, are so darn boring. Dreary even.

Now I’m not a brand story teller like Claire Stoddard and Arthur Germain and so many others that really shine in this field but I do know boring (aka dreary) from interesting and stimulation.

And so do you!

So for all of you out there reading that are reading this, ask yourselves the following:

  • Does your bio reflect your personality? Does it engage the reader and enable them to really get an insight into who you are and what you stand for?
  • Are your presentations flat and devoid of any semblance of personality or humor? Do you stand there frozen in fear?
  • Can you take the time to correct the above? (Not a rhetorical questions!)

Don’t waste precious sales opportunities by presenting in such a way that will put your prospct, customer or networking contact to sleep.

Remember you’re not dreary so why should you come across that way?!

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