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Foxy Lady

While Jimi Hendrix did just fine with Foxy Lady hearing such “terms of endearment” at networking events, trade shows and the like can be, well, a bit unsettling.

Let’s keep all talk about women’s liberation, female empowerment, and “Lean In” out of it.  Let’s stay on the topic of professionalism.

Women have long been used to this sort of wordplay but we sure as heck don’t like it and we really don’t like it when it is bandied about when we are trying to conduct business.

Harmless flirtations, inappropriate language and not so subtle sexual come-on’s take us off our game and it is simply wrong.  Frankly, I am amazed when this type of behavior rears it’s ugly head but I guess I shouldn’t be so taken aback.

But here’s a little secret. When unprofessional behavior is visible everyone takes notice and even if there doesn’t seem to be disapproval, make no mistake about it, the disapproval is there. It’s simply hidden so no “bad feelings” and ruffled feathers ensue.

The woman in the “spotlight” makes a mental note about the behavior, observers (men and women alike) make a note as well and they are all thinking the same thing and it isn’t flattering.

So take care about what you say, who you say it to and when, or it just might come back and impact your business success.


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