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Things Momma Taught Me About Business (She Didn't Even Know It Was "Business" Advice!)

I don’t know about your Mom but mine told me to do the following. Turns out, she was spot-on!

  • Always be punctual. Being late creates a bad first impression (extremely difficult to dispel!)
  • Say please and thank you. Courtesy is always appreciated and is a show of respect.
  • Work hard. People that accomplish great things often work harder than those that don’t Effort counts!
  • Don’t give up; be persistent. (None of us would be walking if we gave up the first time we tried it and fell right onto our butt!)
  • Be nice. What goes around come around. Need I say more.

Thanks Mom.  I’ve been following your advice all these years and it has served me well.

What about you? Are you listening to your Mom?


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