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Below, you’ll find some sales related articles that cut to the heart of pressing, urgent, and costly problems that affect real businesses – like yours. These are all available free, and you’re welcome to share them with your staff, colleagues, and contacts.

When Sales Training Is Considered Discretionary

Suffice to say that we’ve gone through some tough times. Owners of small business, as facile as we are, have felt the pain pretty deeply and we have bopped and weaved, reinvented and restructured to weather the proverbial storm. And many of us (myself included) have managed to survive, and in some cases, to even thrive […]

In Sales Two Hearts Are Better Than One

Okay, so I’m not all that sure about the heart thing because for certain this isn’t a posting. What I am certain about is the fact that although prospects will tell you what they NEED, they usually act on what they WANT, and the plain truth is that when WANT enters into the situation, […]

Sales Superstar or Jack of all Trades

Diners. Gotta love ’em. Open 24/7 and at any time of the day or night you can order a grilled cheese or grilled shrimp, fried fish or french toast. But really, is EVERYTHING good? Can they really excel at making waffles, stuffed clams AND chicken marsala? And, when was the last time someone ordered the […]

Can't Afford Sales Training? Think Again.

I recently had a meeting with some of my friendly sales training competitors. We spoke about the economy, how our business has changed, what we might be able to do together (YES, we are collaborating and doing a seminar) and then we (or maybe it was mostly me) whined a bit about how many companies […]

Tax Tips If You're Starting a Business

Most of you know that there is no way in hell that I could ever write this post myself:) Tax is not my area of expertise but it is something that Howard Lipset of Progressive Management Inc. knows very very well. I get lots of queries from folks about the sales and marketing aspects of […]

To Be A Great Sales Trainer, You Must Earn Trust

Trust.  It’s a powerful word that means the firm belief that someone is telling the truth, that they’re reliable and have the ability to do what they say they are going to do.  Trust. I was at the beach last week and watched small children being thrown up in the air by their parents and […]

Employers: You Have a RESPONSIBILITY to All Interviewees

Okay, so this isn’t about sales and sales training BUT it is regarding a topic about which I am so very passionate that I simply had to write this post. Lately I’ve heard too many horrific stories from people that go on job interviews; yes take their time and do ALL the right things only […]

Sales Prospecting: When the Going Gets Tough…the Tough Keep Going

My friend and business colleague Geri Mazur posted this blog and it is definitely in sync with my feelings about sales prospecting. (Note:  I added “Sales Prospecting” into her title.) Do you like to prospect? Mmmm, maybe not, but once you pick up the telephone, start looking through Linkedin, attend a networking event (or two […]

Sales Training: Helping Your Clients to Succeed

I attended a networking event the other evening and someone asked what I did. When I replied that I am a sales trainer, he said “that’s a great gig because no one can ever stop. It’s like being a shrink. You never feel like the work is quite done.” Interesting perspective and if true, it […]

Business Networking: Don't Let It Run Your Life

My networking calendar is full. How about you? But for the last six months full means something different than it used to in the past. Let me explain. I used to be out there morning, noon and night, at various meetings and events. There were weeks that I spent very little time at home or […]

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