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Winning New Business: Are You Better or Different?

Wanna know what makes me better?  How did you feel when I said that?  Curious? Interested? Just a wee bit defensive? Or maybe even a tad hostile because you felt like you were going to get a good old-fashioned sales job? And that’s exactly what happens when you go in and pitch a new prospect […]

Same Old Sales Sh-t

Same old, same old can be comforting. It can keep you on track and relieve the stress that comes from the unknown. It can also keep you in a rut whereby you simply never get out of that proverbial “comfort zone” thereby making same old, same old a bit of a business killer. I’m not […]

You Know You Need a Sales Trainer/Consultant When…

So here I am, 27 years in (as a sales consultant that is), and I am still amazed by companies that question their need for a sales consultant or trainer. Now I know that “want” a sales trainer trumps “need” a sales trainer every time, but c’mon people, there are some clear indicators that you […]

In Sales Two Hearts Are Better Than One

Okay, so I’m not all that sure about the heart thing because for certain this isn’t a Match.com posting. What I am certain about is the fact that although prospects will tell you what they NEED, they usually act on what they WANT, and the plain truth is that when WANT enters into the situation, […]

Sales Prospecting: When the Going Gets Tough…the Tough Keep Going

My friend and business colleague Geri Mazur posted this blog and it is definitely in sync with my feelings about sales prospecting. (Note:  I added “Sales Prospecting” into her title.) Do you like to prospect? Mmmm, maybe not, but once you pick up the telephone, start looking through Linkedin, attend a networking event (or two […]

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Foxy Lady

http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xxbyu_jimi-hendrix-foxy-lady_music#.UaYePkLJBlI While Jimi Hendrix did just fine with Foxy Lady hearing such “terms of endearment” at networking events, trade shows and the like can be, well, a bit unsettling. Let’s keep all talk about women’s liberation, female empowerment, and “Lean In” out of it.  Let’s stay on the topic of professionalism. Women have long been […]

Business and Sales Are Gonna Get Easier, Or Not!

Ooh Child Things Are Gonna Get Easier Ya think or do you wish it would be so? And are you doing anything to make them easier? Or better? Or anything at all? I know that many of my contacts spend a fair amount of time complaining about the “way things are.”  These are the very […]

Fakin' It

Fakin’ It Sssh, what are you faking? (I promise not to tell, but you know what I’m talking about, right?). How’s business? AWESOME. Couldn’t be better. How’s cash flow? AWESOME. Not a problem in the world. How’s that event / group coming? AWESOME. We totally fill up every event. Now, I’m as positive and optimistic […]

Do You Have The Time for Success?

Frankly, I usually don’t like titles like this as I lean more towards tongue in cheek or slightly snarky lead-ins to my blogs. But this time, well, it’s different. I received an email this morning from a prospect that has been chatting with me about some sales consulting. The conversation had progressed successfully and we […]

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