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You Had Me at Hello

Speech is a powerful thing. Not just the spoken words themselves and what they mean when strung together. How we say something, appropriately timed, with certain actions and feelings – well, that speaks volumes.

At this start of the new year it is beneficial to reflect on how you sound so that you may get the results you want. For instance:

  • Find your tone and inflection. Monitor your rate of speech; mirror theirs.
  • Be mindful of the volume of your voice.
  • Vary your pitch.
  • Speak with confidence and honesty, not for too long.
  • Stop talking. Take the opportunity to hear a response. Listen intently and use verbal cues to know when to re-enter the conversation. Interruptions are not good in conversation.
  • Appear engaged. Send messages about what you are thinking with your body language. Facial clues reflect your interest in the other person and what they are saying.
  • At last, be sensitive and understanding. Rely on your own discretion to determine how and why to progress. Do not assume your manner of speaking, listening skills, or power stance has won you a friend.

Sound like a Public Speaking 101 from high school? Read like a beginning actor’s script notes? Well, let’s be sure we’re not sleeping through class or missing our dress rehearsals!

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