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Are You a Bad Client

After being in business for 27 years I have seen the good, the bad and the (truly) ugly when it comes to client behavior. Actions that make you feel warm and sunny, actions that make you feel sad and depressed and everything in-between. But wait, we’re all clients too, right?  I mean we not only […]

Pricing: The Never-Ending Sales Question

Effective pricing is a slippery slope. You fear that you are pricing too high and then the opposite, too low. Just like Little Red Riding Hood, we want it to be “just right” but it can often come out wrong. Will I lose the business because of my fees? What if they go with the […]

I Want to Sell More

I get lots of calls (or emails) from folks that start off with “I want to sell more.” Sounds simple, right—I want more business! If only it were so. I want more business, I want to sell more, seems to be a universal refrain. Sounds easy yet difficult to accomplish but let’s see here if […]

Same Old Sales Sh-t

Same old, same old can be comforting. It can keep you on track and relieve the stress that comes from the unknown. It can also keep you in a rut whereby you simply never get out of that proverbial “comfort zone” thereby making same old, same old a bit of a business killer. I’m not […]

You Know You Need a Sales Trainer/Consultant When…

So here I am, 27 years in (as a sales consultant that is), and I am still amazed by companies that question their need for a sales consultant or trainer. Now I know that “want” a sales trainer trumps “need” a sales trainer every time, but c’mon people, there are some clear indicators that you […]

Sales Success OR Was It Just My Imagination

Do you remember that old song by The Temptations (Just My Imagination, Running Away With Me)? Well, I heard it the other day and it struck a resounding chord. Ya see, sometimes I feel like I must have actually IMAGINED that a prospect was interested, that a networking contact was planning on being reciprocal, that […]

In Sales Two Hearts Are Better Than One

Okay, so I’m not all that sure about the heart thing because for certain this isn’t a Match.com posting. What I am certain about is the fact that although prospects will tell you what they NEED, they usually act on what they WANT, and the plain truth is that when WANT enters into the situation, […]

Sales Superstar or Jack of all Trades

Diners. Gotta love ’em. Open 24/7 and at any time of the day or night you can order a grilled cheese or grilled shrimp, fried fish or french toast. But really, is EVERYTHING good? Can they really excel at making waffles, stuffed clams AND chicken marsala? And, when was the last time someone ordered the […]

Can't Afford Sales Training? Think Again.

I recently had a meeting with some of my friendly sales training competitors. We spoke about the economy, how our business has changed, what we might be able to do together (YES, we are collaborating and doing a seminar) and then we (or maybe it was mostly me) whined a bit about how many companies […]

Sales Prospecting: When the Going Gets Tough…the Tough Keep Going

My friend and business colleague Geri Mazur posted this blog and it is definitely in sync with my feelings about sales prospecting. (Note:  I added “Sales Prospecting” into her title.) Do you like to prospect? Mmmm, maybe not, but once you pick up the telephone, start looking through Linkedin, attend a networking event (or two […]

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