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My Son's Birthday & the Start of My Business

Son's Birthday & Start of Business Success My son’s birthday is this week. 27 years ago on May 1st to be exact and here ya go for one of the biggest cliches of all, boy, did the time go by fast.

Yep, 27 years in a flash and of course at the time it didn’t seem to be happening at warp speed but now, in retrospect, it did. And another cliche for ya, I wish I could slow down the hands of time.

But we all know that we can’t, that time is going to march forward regardless if we’re having a good time or bad; it’s going to go by nonetheless.

So here’s the thing (and back to my cliche dropping in this post,) why not simply seize the moment, why whine and be stagnant and allow the bad times and bad things that are occurring to fester and taint your days. Why indeed, and especially with the very clear recognition that time flies by so fast.

It’s been 27 years now but many people still ask me why I started my own business. I tell them about my son, and reflect upon the fact that back then I knew that I wanted a modicum of control over my own destiny, and that with two very young children, the uncertainties of starting a business seemed better than having someone else call the shots.

The act of staring a business in this somewhat organic (some might say haphazard) fashion meant that I had to create lots of important things along the way, more than many folks that start with a full-blown business plan and some concrete ideas for what they are going to create.

But not me. No business plan, no concrete ideas, just a whisper of a thought and a determination to make it work.

And so time flies. The baby boy is almost 27, my business too, and just like the amazing radical changes that have occurred since birth till now, so too my business has grown and then contracted, morphed into something else and then morphed again, ever changing yet ever exciting and fulfilling.

Birthdays make you reflect on what went by and they also make you reflect on what lies ahead. I’m so excited for my son, secure, confident and happy on his way in his career and in his life. And as I reflect back on these past 27 years I am happy with my business too. Sure there are things that I might have done differently but no second guessing now. I mean what’s the point.

I intend to keep going, making changes when it seems right to do so, celebrating the wins, learning from the losses and remembering that it is things like your son’s birthday that make it all so very sweet.

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