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What’s in Your Sales Playbook?

I’m not one for rules and regulations and I don’t much follow any sports except hockey but one thing I do know for certain is that most sales reps do better and sell more if they have a sales playbook. The playbook doesn’t have to be an elaborate document although that’s perfectly fine too but […]

My Son's Birthday & the Start of My Business

My son’s birthday is this week. 27 years ago on May 1st to be exact and here ya go for one of the biggest cliches of all, boy, did the time go by fast. Yep, 27 years in a flash and of course at the time it didn’t seem to be happening at warp speed […]

When Expectation and Reality Aren't in Sync

I went to Los Angeles last weekend for a quick little get-away and based on the recommendations of several of my friends, I flew Virgin America. I had heard about how “cool” the airline was and how they made the travel experience just a little bit nicer. (Nicer. Sounds great huh but then of course […]

Business Lessons From My Kid’s Hockey

Now that the hockey season has returned this hockey mom’s thoughts turn to ice time and 6AM visits to the rink and oh no, not really. The kids take themselves to the rink now and as for me watching their games, leaving at 5AM for the early morning practice before school and so forth, it’s […]

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