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Do You Have The Time for Success?

Frankly, I usually don’t like titles like this as I lean more towards tongue in cheek or slightly snarky lead-ins to my blogs.

But this time, well, it’s different.

I received an email this morning from a prospect that has been chatting with me about some sales consulting. The conversation had progressed successfully and we were in the final stages of hammering out the details and then, those famous words, “I don’t have the time to do this.”

Really. As they say OMG.

  • No time to get a better grip on your sales processes that are frankly, not working for your company.
  • No time to get a handle on your sales funnel.
  • No time to assess how many new salespeople are required to get your firm to the next level.
  • No time to refresh sales competencies that have grown somewhat stale.

No time? Huh?!

So of course I did what I should:

  • Asked the right questions
  • Attempted to overcome the objection and spoken hesitancy
  • Provided alternatives and options
  • Offered the assurances about projected ROI

But no matter what I said and how much time was spent it appears to be no-go.

I asked if they had decided to work with someone else and they said “No, they simply had no time.”

OK, onward and all that and of course, I will stay in touch and keep them on the grid, send them invitations, make some introductions and such.  But I have to admit it is more than a tad discouraging especially when I can see so very plainly how much they need the assistance. I know other consultants are going through much the same and yes, this circumstance is happening less and less (not like last year thank G-d), but still, it does take the wind out of my sales sails.

Yes, onward.

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