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Make Your Own Luck

Some people have an inexplicable amount of good luck. Even during tough times, they’re successful in their careers, finances, and their personal lives without seemingly having to overcome the adversities that plague most of us. They don’t appear to be smarter or more talented, but they do seem to be blessed with some force of […]

Sales Training for Those That "Know it All"

I’ve been a sales trainer for 27 years and have seen the good, the bad and the ugly. From clients where everyone comes to the sessions eager, ready and willing to learn to those in which the participants are negative and downright hostile, I guess you can use that tired old cliche “been there, done […]

Telephone Sales Training-Necessary or Not?

Lately I’ve been meeting with some prospective clients that have inside sales departments tasked with generating appointments for the field sales reps.  They’ve been given a call guide (of sorts) and some rudimentary how-to’s but there has really been little else. The field sales reps on the other hand have taken classes, been sent to […]

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