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Can Ya Sell When You Don't Look Pretty?

Last night I had an allergic reaction the result of which is a very swollen lower lip. Quite disfiguring and most definitely prompts a “oh, what happened to you.” Happily enough my workday today is comprised of a series of conference calls and report writing and my foray outside will be in the evening when, […]

Sales Calls on 12/27? You Betcha!

So we’re winding down the year and in just a few days it will be the New Year. Lots of folks are already on vacation, if not physically, then mentally and I guess that’s a good thing. I’ve been taking it a bit easy as well but one thing I haven’t done is slack off […]

I Want to Sell More

I get lots of calls (or emails) from folks that start off with “I want to sell more.” Sounds simple, right—I want more business! If only it were so. I want more business, I want to sell more, seems to be a universal refrain. Sounds easy yet difficult to accomplish but let’s see here if […]

Sales Success OR Was It Just My Imagination

Do you remember that old song by The Temptations (Just My Imagination, Running Away With Me)? Well, I heard it the other day and it struck a resounding chord. Ya see, sometimes I feel like I must have actually IMAGINED that a prospect was interested, that a networking contact was planning on being reciprocal, that […]

Sales Superstar or Jack of all Trades

Diners. Gotta love ’em. Open 24/7 and at any time of the day or night you can order a grilled cheese or grilled shrimp, fried fish or french toast. But really, is EVERYTHING good? Can they really excel at making waffles, stuffed clams AND chicken marsala? And, when was the last time someone ordered the […]

How to Succeed at Sales When You’re Not a Salesperson

Not many little kids say they want to be a salesperson when they grow up. They want to be doctors. They want to be lawyers. They want to be scientists, firemen, policemen, actors, models, construction workers…you name it. But sales people? Nah. But here’s the thing. No matter what they become there will almost definitely […]

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