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It’s Not JUST Anything

I’m going to be just a little late I just want to pick your brain I’m just following up on an email I sent to you. Just. Frankly, the word makes me uncomfortable mostly because of what it is intended to do namely “minimize” the impact of the question or statement to which it is […]

3 Simple Ways to Win More Sales

W I N W: Want. Fact. You must want the business enough to take every action that you can in order to close the sale. Going half way these days will never work. Be smart and strategic so that you may stand apart from the competition and win the business. Halfway doesn’t work, persistence is […]

The Center of the Universe for B2B Prospecting

Do you prospect for new business? This terrific post was written by my good friend and marketing guru, Scott Hornstein. I found it to be so insightful that I wanted to share it here.   Every champion of a product or service believes in their heart that their target is the CEO. They need to […]

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