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Make Your Own Luck

Some people have an inexplicable amount of good luck. Even during tough times, they’re successful in their careers, finances, and their personal lives without seemingly having to overcome the adversities that plague most of us. They don’t appear to be smarter or more talented, but they do seem to be blessed with some force of […]

Develop a 3rd Quarter Frame of Mind

Welcome to July, the beginning of the third quarter. Sure this is the time for sun, fun, picnics and vacation but it is also the time to take a serious look at where your business stands today and what you need to do for the rest of the year. A close look at your numbers […]

Sales Blunder: When You See What Isn’t There

We’re all guilty of this situation. We see something that just isn’t there. I’m not referring to those possible circumstances when you might have, well, imbibed too much. Or, your glasses are cloudy or maybe you don’t have them on at all and the squinting has caused you to experience some sort of visual hallucination. […]

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