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3 “No BS”​ Ways to Increase Business Right Now

Is your business doing well? Regardless if you feel that you or thriving, or merely, surviving, here are three tips to help you build the business right now: 1)   Be flexible, creative and make an offer that people WANT. Don’t be rigid and stick to what you’ve always done before; old tricks just might not work. Do […]

Business Development Mistakes to Avoid

After 32 years as a sales and business development trainer and consultant, I feel pretty secure in stating that I’ve seen the good, the bad and the truly ugly when it comes to sales and marketing efforts. Some of the businesses that you think would be superstars at their business development initiatives don’t actually “get […]

3 Quick Sales Tips to Make You Sell Better

So c’mon, let’s get real. First quarter is OVER and we are now embracing Spring and Q2. How’d you do in Q1? Are you where you need to be? Regardless of whether or not your sales are soaring or your stats are flat, do these things now: Pick up the phone. Call 3 to 5 […]

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