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Starting a Business? You Need Clients!

Hello to all of the startups out there and congratulations on taking the leap to entrepreneurship. Speaking as someone that has “been there, done that” and having launched my first business 30 years ago, I can honestly say that’s it’s thrilling, rewarding and terrifying all at the same time.

There’s lots of to do, lots to know but the most important thing that you can do to ensure business success is go out and get some clients and if you already have a few signed up, then go out and get some more.

Many entrepreneurs start their business and the very first thing that they do is line up a lawyer and accounting firm to make certain that their legal and financial affairs are in order and will be handled well. Some individuals take office space or select a co-working location to call home.

That’s fabulous BUT not so fabulous if you don’t have clients and a somewhat steady flow of business to not only keep you afloat but thriving during that all-important first year in business.

Let me say it like it is – you won’t need the services of a lawyer or an accountant if you don’t have any business and so, with all due respect for those professions, may I suggest that before, or at least at the very same time that you are gathering your legal and financial advisory team, you might also want to surround yourself with experts in branding, marketing and sales.

The quality of your product or service is irrelevant if no one knows about it or if you don’t know how to persuade prospects to buy what you are selling. Trust me when I say that in most cases your lawyer or accountant won’t be able to help you with those issues.

So be strategic and help yourself climb the ladder of success. Build your brand, develop your marketing plan to promote it and create a sales strategy and sales competencies to bring in the business.

If you do that your accountant and lawyer  will have lots of work to do and will thank you for starting up your business the right way.

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