Using Your I’s:  How to Stay On the Grid With Your Prospects, Clients and Referral Sources

A commonly overlooked component of sales success is staying on the grid.  As a result, many businesses disappear from sight and never win the business or get a return on the time and energy they put into building the relationship (i.e. “You’ve had lunch, now what!”). In this program, we show you how to develop an effective touch point management program using the 3 I’s: Information, Invitations and Introductions..

Getting to Know You: Using Probing to Uncover Buyer Needs

What do your buyers really want? What are their motives? Their goals, fears, and expectations?  You only know this by asking the right questions.  In this program, we show you how and why the right questions are the life-blood of every sales encounter.  You’ll learn how to integrate effective probing into all of your sales initiatives.

How to Handle Objections, Hesitancies or Stalls

It’s a common scenario: you’ve probed for needs, delivered a great presentation, and are now waiting to hear positive feedback from your prospect. But…that’s not what is happening!  Instead, you’re faced with objections and hesitancies that block the sale.  What is happening here? In this program, we reveal the mysterious “push forward, pull back” dynamic that is inherent in so many sales encounters.  You’ll learn how to smoothly absorb and overcome stalls and usher prospects to the sale.

Effective Networking

“Working the room” is a skill that must be learned.  Same goes for figuring out what to do with those post-event business cards, or while “hanging out” with potential customers. In this program, we show you how to get the most out of your networking efforts.  We cover high-impact, proven tips, tricks and techniques for maximizing the networking investment and ensuring the greatest ROT (“Return On Time”).

“You Said What”: How to Communicate for Success

How you say it is sometimes more important than what you say.  In this program, we deliver a hands-on “how-to” learning experience that covers the key communication variables of: speech, tone, manner, listening, and vocabulary.  We then look at concrete tactics that immediately improve communications effectiveness both in and out of the office.

Turn Your Order-takers Into Order-makers: Cross-sell and Up-sell Techniques to Build Your Bottom Line

You’ve spent money on programs and personnel to handle inbound calls.  But have you created a pro-active selling system?  Reactive skills (order-taking) are extremely different from proactive skills (order-making).  In this program, you’ll learn how to design a high-impact proactive program that turns your order takers into revenue generators.

Woo, Win and Wow Your Clients

Prospecting isn’t enough – you have to connect the dots between marketing, winning and satisfying your customers.  In this program, we reveal powerful tactics and techniques to improve and get the most out of your marketing and sales efforts.

What to do When YOU Are the Brand

Customers don’t like to be sold; they like to buy.  And they like it even more when the sale is from someone that they like, trust and respect.  In this program, I explain clearly how prospect and customer expectations demand that you pay close attention to every aspect of the sales process, from the product or service that you are delivering, how you are delivering it, and to what happens post-sale.

Top 10 Tips for Effective Customer Service

You already have the business. So nothing else is important, right?  Wrong! What happens post-sale is every bit as important as what goes on during the sales process.  In this program, we show you results-driven tactics that immediately improves your customer care department.


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