Quantity AND Quality: How to Generate MORE Leads for Increased Sales

It’s simple: the better your leads, the better your sales.  In this program, we show you how an integrated, process driven approach to lead generation creates higher quality leads, and therefore: more sales.  You’ll discover how to develop a lead “pipeline” to target the right clients at the right time.

Mining the Gold in Your Existing Customer Database

How much business are you leaving “on the table”?  In this program, we’ll show you how to increase client profitability and loyalty at the same time.  We’ll take a step-by-step approach that shows you how to get started, how to quantify results, and how to create and implement an ongoing “Customer Expansion” plan.

Why Us: Developing Your USP and Value Proposition

In this era of mass competition, your sales reps must clearly know and communicate WHY their product and service is the best solution.  In this program, we enable your sales reps to grasp and communicate their USP and Value Proposition – the elements that set them apart and win the sale.  After attending this program, sales reps will confidently master this essential skill.

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