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Below, you’ll find some sales related articles that cut to the heart of pressing, urgent, and costly problems that affect real businesses – like yours. These are all available free, and you’re welcome to share them with your staff, colleagues, and contacts.

Use Networking Skills to Land a Job

Today’s job market is tough. Okay, make that real tough, and too many job seekers are not equipped with the core networking skills that are required to succeed in such a difficult endeavor. As a sales trainer I view getting a job as very akin to winning a new piece of business and with that […]

Crazy Busy With Networking? Getting No Results? What’s Going On?

I had a conversation today with a business contact and after chatting about the “state” of our respective businesses and what new projects we’re working on the conversation turned to our networking efforts.     “Crazy busy” he said, and shared that he goes to about 5 or 6 different events per week, every week.  […]

Facebook and Sales: Strange Bedfellows

Don’t get me wrong.  I really like Facebook and consider myself a pretty avid user on both  business and personal levels.  I’ve read the book (The Facebook Guide to Small Business Marketing) and attended some seminars and preach the rules of engagement in my own social media consulting. But here’s the thing.  Facebook is not […]

Business and Sales Are Gonna Get Easier, Or Not!

Ooh Child Things Are Gonna Get Easier Ya think or do you wish it would be so? And are you doing anything to make them easier? Or better? Or anything at all? I know that many of my contacts spend a fair amount of time complaining about the “way things are.”  These are the very […]

Fakin' It

Fakin’ It Sssh, what are you faking? (I promise not to tell, but you know what I’m talking about, right?). How’s business? AWESOME. Couldn’t be better. How’s cash flow? AWESOME. Not a problem in the world. How’s that event / group coming? AWESOME. We totally fill up every event. Now, I’m as positive and optimistic […]

Unlearning Your ABC's

Many sales people have come up through the ranks and have been trained to “always be closing.” You know what I mean. These are the sales reps that seem to be following a script barely taking the time or effort to really listen to what you / the prospect is saying. These are the sales […]

How to Beat the Competition

If you have competition in your business then join the club. Financial planners, IT consultants, branding and marketing gurus, providers of promotional products and the list goes on and on. You name it, well in New York anyway, and there’s REAL competition in your space. So, what’s REAL competition? Real means that your competitors are […]

When Making the Sale Isn’t the Best Solution

Picture it. I’m busy banging away at my computer catching up on all of the writing that needs to be done after a one week vacation and suddenly, the mouse stops working. I move my hand and nothing. Panic ensues. Yes, I know that sounds a bit extreme but you non-techies get it right. Sheer […]

How to Succeed at Sales When You’re Not a Salesperson

Not many little kids say they want to be a salesperson when they grow up. They want to be doctors. They want to be lawyers. They want to be scientists, firemen, policemen, actors, models, construction workers…you name it. But sales people? Nah. But here’s the thing. No matter what they become there will almost definitely […]

Being the “Go-to” Resource Makes YOU Indispensible

Last week 3 or 4 people emailed or called me to if I knew someone that could ______or if I could give them a couple of names of people that could help them with ___________. I listened carefully, searched my database and of course was more than happy to see if I could help out. […]

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