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Business Networking: Don't Let It Run Your Life

My networking calendar is full. How about you? But for the last six months full means something different than it used to in the past. Let me explain. I used to be out there morning, noon and night, at various meetings and events. There were weeks that I spent very little time at home or […]

When Making the Sale Isn’t the Best Solution

Picture it. I’m busy banging away at my computer catching up on all of the writing that needs to be done after a one week vacation and suddenly, the mouse stops working. I move my hand and nothing. Panic ensues. Yes, I know that sounds a bit extreme but you non-techies get it right. Sheer […]

Business Lessons From My Kid’s Hockey

Now that the hockey season has returned this hockey mom’s thoughts turn to ice time and 6AM visits to the rink and oh no, not really. The kids take themselves to the rink now and as for me watching their games, leaving at 5AM for the early morning practice before school and so forth, it’s […]

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