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Three Strategies for Optimizing the Performance of Your Sales Team

The days of easy sales are probably gone for good. This is certainly bad news for organizations that haven’t taken a proactive approach to sales. However, for those that have invested in optimizing the performance of their sales team, opportunities are plentiful and customers are buying. Do your salespeople have the tools they need to […]

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Are You Frozen?

When business is slow we are all like deer on a dark and windy road. Some of us see approaching headlights and instinctively know to leap into the woods. Unfortunately, others of us freeze. Unable to go left or right; we think that wherever we leap to will be worse than our current position. I […]

Sales Training: Helping Your Clients to Succeed

I attended a networking event the other evening and someone asked what I did. When I replied that I am a sales trainer, he said “that’s a great gig because no one can ever stop. It’s like being a shrink. You never feel like the work is quite done.” Interesting perspective and if true, it […]

Telephone Sales Training-Necessary or Not?

Lately I’ve been meeting with some prospective clients that have inside sales departments tasked with generating appointments for the field sales reps.  They’ve been given a call guide (of sorts) and some rudimentary how-to’s but there has really been little else. The field sales reps on the other hand have taken classes, been sent to […]

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