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Sales is Sales is Sales is Sales is Sales

Sales. It is not marketing. It is not branding. It is not social media. Sales is what happens when you do those things effectively but in all honesty you can sell even if you do none of the above. Is it more difficult? Most definitely? Is it possible? Once again, most definitely. The best strategy […]

More Customers, More Often – 7 Tips to Get it Done

I’m all about getting more customers and when I read this article on the Small Biz Technology website I just knew that I wanted to repurpose it here!  I also got to learn about Belly. Check it out…awesome! Now…from Sarah Reilly Engel, VP of Merchant Success at Belly, a loyalty rewards company for retailers: It […]

A Look at Email in 2014: Common Email Marketing Mistakes

Okay so this isn’t “new” BUT it is still amazingly relevant and great information from Ajax Union.  Here ya go and thank you Ajax Union for letting me repurpose this post: As we’ve mentioned, email marketing can be tricky — a lot can go wrong. We’re going to list some of the most common mistakes […]

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