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I’m Sorry But I Have to Start Over

I didn’t watch much of the Grammy’s last Sunday but what I saw absolutely amazed me.

And made me smile.

It also had me wondering if I could ever pull off something like this.

In case you don’t know what “this” is and to what I refer let me summarize. Adele was doing a tribute to George Michael and somewhere not too far into it she simply stopped, muttered a four letter expletive and said that she was sorry but she had to start over in order to do proper justice to George and his work.

She took a deep breath and started again.

I’m sure this threw her off of her game but she got a grip and within moments she was her glorious self.

And so I ask, could you have done something like this?

I do a lot of presentations in front of audiences large and small. I’m always prepared but to be truthful there are times when I’m a bit more confident than at other times, and while I have never totally lost it, there have been circumstances when I very much wished that I could just start over.

But of course I never did. I’m not Adele.

Maybe you need to have the worldwide acclaim of Adele and then you can own up to a misstep and just start over.

What about you? Have you ever asked for a do-over?

I’m thinking that maybe it’s the best way to proceed if you know that you’ve screwed up and could do it better the second time. Or maybe you just have to be prepared to “nail it” right from the start and the first time around. For me, that’s the tactic I  follow and will continue to do so or at least until such time as I can rise to be the Adele of the sales training world.

Nah, I’ll just be prepared:)

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